Living in Vancouver

Living In Vancouver

"Vancouver is the square root of negative one. Technically it shouldn't exist, but it does. I can't imagine living anywhere else." - Doug Coupland

Living in Vancouver

Vancouverites have always prided themselves on living in the best city in the world. They had also prided themselves that they had kept it a secret from the rest of the world. Well, thanks to a World's Fair in 1986 and a successful Winter Olympic Games in 2010, the secret is hardly that anymore.

Vancouver lays claim to being the best city in the world, not just according to those that have been lucky enough to have lived their lives in its beautiful surroundings, but it is continually rated on top by international organisations and media. And no wonder. Vancouver is blessed with an ideal geographical setting: the North Shore mountains, the ocean, a rainforest, lakes and rivers all within a few minutes of the downtown's thriving business and entertainment areas. 

Home to peoples of every nation, Vancouver's community radiates with spirit and cultures from the Far East to South Asia to Europe. The important traditions of the West Coast native communities still permeate the city's landscape and psyche.

Vancouver's business has traditionally been built around the natural resource sector. Forestry, mining, and fishing still remain significant forces and employ tens of thousands of people. Growth of Film and TV production over the last 25+ years has led to Vancouver being nicknamed 'Hollywood North.'

Vancouver is also Canada's gateway to the Pacific Rim. As such, Vancouver has seen major growth in all areas of business over the last 35 years. Tourism, Trade, Information Technology, Media, Biotechnology all represent major sectors within Vancouver's economy.

If you would like to make Vancouver your new full-time home, please call 604 340 1267 or email  UK & European residents, can call +44 (0) 20 7193 8250 (forwards to Vancouver office, GMT-8hrs).

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