North Vancouver Sells School To Property Developer

The District of North Vancouver has sold a school near Grouse Mountain to property developers who intend to build 12 ‘single family’ homes.

A question may be asked as to where will the children in such ‘family’ homes go to school.

However, as it stands, enrollment in schools continue to drop in these predominantly $1 million+ single family home neighbourhoods. As such, the District’s sale of the underutilized property makes good fiscal sense.

So another couple questions may be, “What is the increasing high-price of real estate doing to the social fabric of the communities in which we grew up?” and, “Can or should anything be done to save that social fabric; or, is it just a natural part of community evolution?”

Here is more on the story from Business in Vancouver:   If you live in the neighbourhood or another neighbourhood where this has or is happening, please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment to this blog or contacting us directly via email.


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