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Arguments endure over how to best develop North Vancouver's Harbourside area

Heated Harbourside Hearing

Written by Kevin O'Toole on April 4th, 2014

A hearing over plans to develop North Vancouver’s Harbourside area was held in North Vancouver on Tuesday April 1st and ended up being quite a heated affair.

The area, along the waterfront south of the North Shore Auto Mall and to the west of Lonsdale Quay has been primarily used for commercial and maritime purposes; however developers and the City of North Vancouver are looking to add a significant residential development.

A video on the project from Concert Properties:

The idea has hit a sour tone with some concerned citizens. Others feel it would make for an exciting new lifestyle location in the community.  Some question whether North Vancouver has any jurisdiction over the area to begin with, stating it is partially under the jurisdiction of Port Metro Vancouver. The plans are at the early stages and more community engagement is planned.

Here is more on the story from The North Shore News.

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